What is the Enrolment window?

It is a 10 day period where we ask for people to confirm that they want to join the program this season. 

It's possible, but not necessary, to register before-hand. If registered then we will include you on our reminder emails. 


Why do we need it?

In a nutshell, it’s to do with timing and we work back from the season start date.

It works like this:

  1. We need to draw a line in the sand in order to know how many places we have available to allocate for this season.
  2. Following this take we two weeks to run the ballot, matching families to the places, offer and collect payment
  3. We perform a further audit on those who haven’t paid, and re-offer those places (and collect payment)
  4. Once all places have been filled and paid for we confirm the clothing order with our supplier who manufacture it and send direct to the enrolled.
  5. Shortly after the clothing has been delivered the season starts.

Some are disappointed to miss the window yet we place a lot of effort in being as helpful as possible to ensure people know about the enrolment window being open.

In 2019-20 we :

  • Announced it at the end of the previous season
  • Direct emailed everyone registered that the window would soon open
  • Direct emailed everyone registered that the window was open
  • Direct emailed everyone registered who hadn’t enrolled that they hadn’t yet registered
  • Placed announcements on our website, our Facebook and ‘Mosman Living’

During the course of the above we sent around 12,000 emails.


Can I still enrol if I have missed the window?

We are afraid not. Managing the enrolment and ballot process takes up a considerable amount of time and if we were to accept applications after the cut off, we would be dealing with a moving target and it would be even more difficult and time consuming. (Balmoral Nippers is run wholly by volunteers). 

In the month following the enrolment window closing that year we received 268 emails asking this.

As much as we don’t wish to disappoint anyone, we have already processed the ballots, have bulk-ordered the clothing and have around 500 children who made the enrolment window but were not fortunate in securing a place.

For those that are unsuccessful in joining this year; we are truly sorry, and hope this explanation helps you understand the challenge faced.


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