Balmoral Nippers is oversubscribed. We therefore ask that all registrants be sure that they’re happy to sign up to the commitment to attend all the sessions through to the end of the season and participate in the Nippers activities each week (including going in the water with the kids). Also, due to the way run cost-neutral and have the majority of our costs upfront (before the season starts), we are not able to offer refunds.

If you're comfortable with this, great! Here's the process:

Step 1: Register on the website

You can register on the website all year round. Go ahead and register now if you'd like to enrol for the next program, and we'll keep you informed by email when the enrolment window is about to open.

Step 2: Enrol for the program

Around the middle of each year, a 10 day window opens to enrol for the program that commences that October. Emails are sent to registered members of the website in advance advising the precise dates for enrolment but the dates are also published on our website. Enrolment takes place on this website. If your family participated the previous year, you pay immediately as part of the enrolment process and you're then enrolled for the program. If you did not participate the previous year, you're entered into the ballot process.

Step 3: Ballot

Once the enrolment window has closed, we then conduct the random ballot to offer the remaining places. Successful applicants are informed by email and invited to complete payment immediately. Where payment is not completed within 24 hours, the places are automatically offered to another.

After all places are paid for, unsuccessful applicants are informed by email and the ballot closes. 

If you’re not successful, we’re truly sorry, and wish you the best of luck for next year.


Why can't I get in ?

Unfortunately this is a common question, which comes down to popularity of the program and luck.  We have endeavoured to explain the circumstances here 

Missed the enrolment window?

Further information is here