We are delaying opening the enrolment window

12 Jul 2021

We're afraid we will not be opening the enrolment window as planned this weekend.

The main reason is that we don't know what Government safety restrictions will be in place for outdoor community sporting activities, however with this new variant there is a possibility that the restrictions will be different and we will have to modify the program to comply.

We're sorry we can't add any more at this stage; the situation is too fluid so we'll need to go into a holding pattern until we have certainty. With the forecast of lockdown ending at the end of August there is still a chance we'll start in November.

Safety has always been paramount in Nippers and we will fully comply with any directions and recommendations.



First day of winter!

01 Jun 2021

Good morning and welcome to the first day of winter!

Over here at Nippers towers, this is when we start to dust off the cobwebs, find the checklists (trying to decipher last year’s handwriting!) and figure out how to waken the hamsters to get the website fired up once more!
So what does the 2021-22 season hold in store for us?
Well, at the moment we expect to run a full season in the usual configuration. That is a 9-10am slot for the main Nippers program, with a 10am slot for The Champs and Sharkies. The clothing store will remain online, and the on-beach electronic registration will continue as last season.
We did look into a start at 8am (or 8:30), but due to clashes with other activities that occur on the beach, staying at 9 makes for a much cleaner separation for everybody.
Our 10 day enrolment window will run from Sun 18 July - Wed 28 July, where previous participants have a guaranteed place and new applications will be entered into a ballot, which will be run by Mon 16 Aug. We will email everyone on our database a number of times nearer the date to remind them to enrol however you NEED TO ENROL DURING THE WINDOW if you want to secure (or apply to secure) a place. We are considerably oversubscribed and this window is how we manage that and allocate the places. (This page will explain the impossible nature of such a task https://www.balmoralnippers.com/why-cant-i-get-a-place/) 
The season will start on 31st October, and if you really like planning out your life that far in advance, will end on 06 Mar.
I hope your heater works, you found your scarf, your Uggs still fit and you appreciate the gorgeous beauty that is Balmoral Beach in the winter with no-one else around…!
- Ben


That's a wrap

07 Mar 2021

That's a Wrap!

Well that's it, a whole season completed during a pandemic - fully compliant with restrictions - lots of happy faces and everything working to plan!

I'm quite pleased with that; from being told that it couldn't possibly go ahead, to clarifying restrictions with NSW Health, to being in the Mayor's office agreeing a compromise, to naming all 700 caps - it all actually happened! Bit of Day One thinking, sprinkling of IT magic and there we go!

And of course it's a well done to all of you for all working together, staying within the restrictions and being so flexible.

From all of us at the Green crew, we sincerely hope that your Nippers had a great time and that water confidence has improved as well as enjoyment of the beach on Sunday mornings!

Sadly we can't have end of season speeches (nor Buena sausage sizzle!) due to numbers restrictions however please see below a short message from Tim and Matt from our primary sponsor, Auscap:


Amazing Bronzies attendance and effort in what was a rather challenging season.

All thirty three 2nd Year Bronze Medallion applicants accomplished all tasks - a 100 per cent success rate!

Go the Balmoral Bronzies!

- Stephen

Age Manager awards

Each season the age managers are asked to nominate two children from within their group; for 'Sprit of Nippers' and for 'Most Improved'.

These were all awarded within the age groups on Sunday, and the Bronzies had a seperate prize giving session, complying with Covid restrictions, in the afternoon.

Firstly to the Age Managers, who direct, encourage, excite and nurture their happy pack of kids safety through the water to improve their skills whilst having a great time. These are the ones who change your kids' "I don't want to go to Nippers" at 7am into "is it over, do I have to go home?" Thank you - we all appreciate you to the moon and back (and we're taking care of them in The Buena at a private event next week)

To Stephen for sorting out the Bronzies, improving it further this year, ensuring that they have a prize giving ceremony and that everything runs to clock-work

To Leah and the tent team of Fiona, Gina, Liz, Christina, Gemma and Caroline.

To the Shed team of Phil, Kieran and their boys Jack and Riley

To our sponsors Auscap, Orangetheory, North Shore BMW and The Buena; thank you for your support and hopefully next season we can be more involved.

Rolf for standing by every week, desperately wishing to run the champs, but having to go home sad and champ-less.

Mosman Council who have been very supportive in working with us to find a solution and ensuring that we have what we need.

To others in the team, such as Arabella, James, Becs and Adam to name a few.

To Al and Dan for the idea of the Sharkies All Abilities group, pushing it through, organising and making such a tremendous success of it.

To you lot, for either setting up as we asked, packing away as we asked - particularly keeping the sand off the boards - and for staying out of the Beach Club.

And to me; I organised the thing to happen when told it wasn't possible, ensured the new IT system worked, made some of you laugh at my jokes and was able to keep the council and BBC sufficiently appraised to maintain support and enthusiasm!

Next season

Starts on 31st October, but you will need to re-enrol during our 10 day enrolment window on 19th July. If you have participated in the program previously, you will have a guaranteed place (as long as you have met the attendance requirements for the 20200-21 season).

With the easing of restrictions and the [Bill Gates microchips to improve 5G coverage] that'll be injected into millions of arms between now and October it's a reasonable assumption we can return to a normal program of first hour being normal Nippers, and the second hour being the competitive 'Champs' program - which will be great! As for the start time.. we have your feedback (68% for 8am ) and we'll review with the BBC and Green Crew over the winter before deciding :)

Pros and Cons

You now have 6 months of Sunday mornings back and are probably happy with that fact at this stage.. but what are you going to be doing with them? Running on the beach, swimming in the sea, soaking up all that vitamin D, playing with your children, admiring the stunning view and gorgeous fresh air.. or will you be in bed, scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and The Daily Mail, sipping your third coffee in an hour unsure if you care that Megan said "that" and considering that Harry really shouldn't have worn a beard in his uniform - even if The Queen gave him permission.. and then you suddenly ask yourself are you relaxing or you wasting your Sunday mornings.. and indeed your life? Should you be here, or should you get up? You really should get up.. but your kids are being quiet and you probably should go and see what's up.. but you know peace, quiet, silence. Pah, I'll just get myself another coffee and chill... Ooo look at that, the experts have said Coco is wrong and there'll be an explosive revelation in the show on TV tonight, I think this coffee's gone cold; I'll just get another.


Yeah, anyway - have a great "winter" (winter really is wonderful round these parts.. so it's not really a winter to me!), enjoy getting your Sunday mornings back and hope to see you back on the beach next October!


Ben & the team



Newsletter 10

04 Feb 2021

I hope you had a great day out on the water - it was certainly the perfect temperature! The weather wasn't as wonderful as we would have liked, but we missed the rain and it kept crowds at bay so we had the beach all to ourselves!


Next week, the 7th, it's the turn of the 8s to set up; please be at the side of the club at 7:30 to help move equipment to the correct areas. And of course, it's *all* of the 9-10am group who are to help pack away. Please remember to wash the sand off the boards as you bring them back (as there are multiple problems with stacking them when sandy)

We have five more sessions left this season, with the final on 07 March. Continuing the cautious, sensible and accountable approach we've employed across the season so far, we will not be having end of season speeches and presentation day.. and nor the wonderful Buena sausage sizzle. We will have medals and awards, however these will be given out by the age managers in the individual groups.

The format will remain the same for these five sessions this season. We will work with the authorities to try and put the program back to its traditional format (of all groups in one session in the first hour, then 'The Champs' in the second). Whether we run 8 - 10 or 9 - 11, is something I'll get everyone's feedback on later as I've been hearing lots of chatter as to how people like starting at 8am (less people on beach / generally quieter / better chance of parking / finish earlier and hence feels like a longer day)

That's it from me. Remember to wash your swimwear cold, and see you on the beach!



Yes, we are on this Sunday!

29 Jan 2021

Yes, we are on this Sunday!
The water is *VERY* warm (24 degrees today)
The air temperature will be a little bit high than that
AND.. the parking will be easy
AND.. the beach will be empty
So please don't let a bit of rain put you off - we only have a few of these sessions left and your children will still have fun!
The 4s are on set up this weekend, and the second group (5s, 7s, 9s, 11s) are on pack away.
On a serious note, even though officially we only cancel for thunderstorms (yes, or poor water quality. Or poor air quality. Or there's a pandemic preventing people going on holiday and a 40 degree day is forecast which means the beach will be too busy for us to sensibly use...) *if* the weather is so truly horrific that no reasonable Mosmanite would be venture out to get coffee and we decide to cancel, we will email you direct AND put a notice on the website AND put a notice on Facebook. It's got to be bad though - really bad!