The enrolment window is closed and the ballot is complete

27 Jul 2022

The ballot is now completed and all places have been allocated.  
If you have been unlucky this season, we are truly sorry.  The program was significantly over-subscribed.  Further information about the ballot process is available in our FAQs.

The enrolment window is open

13 Jul 2022

The enrolment window has opened and will close on Saturday 23rd July.

If you wish to participate (new applicant or returning) you will need to enrol during this window. New applicants will be placed into a ballot for the available places, which will complete by 1st August.

Enrolment window

26 Jun 2022

To enrol in the upcoming 2022-23 season, you will need to enrol during the 'enrolment window', which this year is between Saturday 16th July to Saturday 23rd July.

Previous participants have guaranteed re-enrolment. New applicants will go into a ballot, which will be carried out in the following week.

Further information on the enrolment window is here, and how to join is here


Thank you

20 Mar 2022

So the season is finished and we have to say a huge thank YOU !

It doesn't need to be said what challenging times these have been and so it was magnificent to get one last, super sunny and gorgeous session in before we close the season off.

We're aware that there are those in Iso and those who have other winter activities starting up (and probably those that gave up and was convinced the aliens landing would be a cause of cancellation this time!).. but we still had a great turnout - enough to really feel that Nippers vibe again before we head into the colder months.

So the biggest thank you has to go to YOU! For signing up, for having the right attitude, for being patient, for working with the age managers when curveballs started to fly! Nippers is a community activity and it has been really great to see in full effect when times are hard.


  • The age managers, without whom everyone would be standing around wondering what to do!
  • To Stephen for improving the Bronzie program so much and ensuring that the final sessions were completed - closed beach or not
  • To the Bronzies who were sooo helpful on the final session. We received so much feedback of how great they were to have around
  • To Rolf who was so happy to actually run the Champs program again.. only to have his dreams shattered once more
  • To the tent team of Liz, Gemma, Fiona, Diane, Amelia, and Simone
  • To the shed team of Paul, Cecile and Duncan... who get there very early so you don't need to!
  • To the IT team of Pete and Ben
  • Kathryn on the comms deck
  • Annie who is taking over the back office tasks from Ben and will be batting away curveballs like a pro!
  • Auscap whose generous support keeps the registration fees right down
  • The Buena for their Nipper of the week certificates and tasty sausage sizzles
  • Organgetheory and Mosman BMW
  • Mosman Council (and thank you for grooming the beach just before our 9am start - much appreciated!)
  • ..and the BBC for accomodating and working with us.

For next season

You'll be delighted to know that the next season (starting end Oct) will have no fires, floods, pandemics, air quality or other issues. We would love to have you back however you will need to enrol when the enrolment window is open, which will be 16th to 24th July.

And yes, prior participation guarantees re-enrolment (as long as you're within the window).

We will email you nearer the time to remind you.

The timetable has all been updated and ready to go for a super-smooth and full session! You'll find it here.


This is the last mail from from me as I'm moving overseas for a few years, so I'll leave you in the very capable hands of Annie and Kathryn, and maybe I'll see you for the 2024-25 season?

Please remember that Nippers is community program that is organised by volunteers. No-one in the team is paid for the work they do and we run cost neutral (ie. the registration fee covers absolute necessities; lifeguards, first aid, insurance, boards, storage, IT hosting costs, accountant audit, etc..), with sponsors contributions keeping the cost down further. 

Balmoral Nippers is the biggest Nippers program in Australia and hence there is rather a lot to make it happen, yet we do this without support. If you have an interaction with someone on email / at the tent / at the shed / etc. please keep in mind that they are spending their time to help your kids enjoy themselves on the beach; be kind, friendly and appreciative. 

Enjoy having your Sundays back, stay warm this winter and the team will be delighted to welcome you back in October for a perfectly normal season.. you know, like they were from 1984 to 2019 !

Ben and the Green Crew team​


Final Session of the Season!

17 Mar 2022

We hope you are looking forward to the final session of Nippers for this challenging season! We've got a regular session for you plus the awards ceremony AND a free sausage sizzle sponsored by The Buena!

Please join us for a FREE sausage sizzle generously provided by our sponsors the Buena Vista Hotel for Nippers members. We hope you will hang around after Nippers and the Speeches (10:30-11ish) to enjoy a sausage and get to know our Nippers community.

To make this happen we need some volunteers to help us set up, serve sausages, clean and pack away. There are a few different time slots between 9:30-12:30pm.

Please click here to register to help.

Additional Info:

  • Set up and pack away will be 10/11s. Please be at the BBC by 8:15am.
  • At 10am we will ask all kids to assemble in their Age Groups so that we can have the end of season ceremony.
  • Given all the disruptions this season, the awards will be slightly different this year. There will be no Most Improved or Spirit of Nippers Awards as there has not been enough time or sessions to determine those awards. The Top 3 Champs (based on current leaderboard scores) in each group will be recognised.
  • The speeches/awards will be finished by 10:30, after which we hope you will join us for the sausage sizzle and the Parents Games: flags and tug of war!
  • There will be tubs to collect any unwanted caps for recycling. Please keep your swimmers and rashies for next season.

Kathryn and the Green Crew Team

P.S. On Sunday, 3rd April, the Balmoral Swim will be held again this year. This year's events are 5km, 2.5km, 1km swims, The Schools’ Challenge Relay, The Balmoral team challenge relay and the Junior Swim.

We encourage Nipper parents to organise relay teams (each team has 4 swimmers who swim 200 meters each), or age group teams who compete against each other. More info and sign up here.