Week 6: December pandemonium!

03 Dec 2023

What. A. Season. We. Have. Had. So. Far. 

With just two sessions left for 2023, we find ourselves in a tidal wave of kids' concerts, prize days, work party pandemonium and the not-so-glamorous but oh-so-necessary life admin dance. It's like trying to paddle through a sea of tinsel – challenging but undeniably festive! 

What. A. Season. We. Have. Had. So. Far. 

With just two sessions left for 2023, we find ourselves in a tidal wave of kids' concerts, prize days, work party pandemonium and the not-so-glamorous but oh-so-necessary life admin dance. It's like trying to paddle through a sea of tinsel – challenging but undeniably festive! 

Acknowledging all that we collectively need to do, we’re keeping this update short for you.

Starting with a little shout out to all the Champs who took part in the run-swim-run on the weekend, and to all their parents who felt tired just looking at them. It was mighty impressive. However, believe it or not, this race was a drop in the ocean ahead of Ironkids (swim-paddle-run) this Sunday. We encourage everyone to stay back and cheer our Nippers on for the big Champs race of 2023.

And…….. just when you thought you had nothing left to add to the schedule, a reminder we have Carnival fun on December 17. Carnival is an informal festival of Nippers that promises sandy toes, salty air, and perhaps a glimpse of Santa catching a few waves before his big night. 

And for those eager to squeeze in extra aquatic adventures, don't miss the optional water activities day on 7 January 2024. This extra session is the perfect way to shake off those holiday puddings and start the year with a splash!

So that's all from us this week folks. Let's make these last two sessions the splashiest and most spirited of the season.

The Nippers Crew

PS It's the 4s' turn to set up from 8am this Sunday. Let's see if they can create a beach setup more impressive than Santa's workshop :)

Week 5: Summer must be just around the corner!

26 Nov 2023

A round of applause for our Nippers of the Week!

Your enthusiasm, dedication, and all-around awesomeness have not gone unnoticed! Thanks to the generosity of our fantastic sponsors, The Buena, your victory lap comes with a delicious bonus: a free kids' meal! Mum and Dad, get ready to book those tables and savour the sweet taste of victory – literally!

Be assured, everyone will have their chance to be a Nipper of the Week, and it’s not all about coming first. In addition to competitive spirit, the kiddies can be awarded for trying their best, improvement and bringing the spirit of Nippers to each session.

Early Birds catch the worm...

Let's give a standing ovation to the incredible families of our spirited 9s! Your commitment to the art of beach setup was nothing short of legendary today, thank you for helping us set up by 8.30ish. While the world may sing praises for being ‘Fashionably Late,’ you guys have redefined it as ‘Fashionably Early,’ and we’re there for it. Plus, your kids got to enjoy some extra water time, ensuring everybody wins.

Champs: Grant Kenny, eat your heart out!

We had yet another solid turnout for Champs, with today an all-out run, swim, run extravaganza! We’re wondering if we will have a Kellogs Nutri-Grain, Iron Man Championships superstar in our midst…!? Be sure to check out the tally, which is due to ‘go live’ in the middle of the week.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! Join us to cheer on our Sharkies!

Last but never least, we give a thunderous shoutout to the dynamic duo, Al and Dan, and the high school volunteers, who join them each week to orchestrate an another great Sharkies session. Together, they run the adapted version of the program so that Nippers with additional needs can take part.

If you see the Sharkie’s on the beach, feel free to come and say hello and yell some encouragement. If you know anyone who might benefit from the program, please get in touch with us, or speak with Al and Dan on the beach next Sunday. Sharkies, we loved your spirited call following your session today, the smiles on your faces say it all.

Lost property: Gold ring found on the beach today.

A gold ring was handed in to the tent today. If you have lost a ring, please come to the tent next Sunday. To claim it, you must describe the unique markings on the ring before we will release it.  

Reminder: 10s and 11s on set up and pack down duty.

Calling all 10s and 11s and their trusty sidekicks (parents)! Next Sunday, set up and pack down duty beckons at 8 am. Your dedication ensures that our sandy haven transforms seamlessly into a playground of endless possibilities for our little Nippers, and we thank you in advance for your help!

Until the tides reunite us, keep rocking the Nippers spirit!


The Nippers Crew

Nippers is cancelled

05 Nov 2023

Change of plan - Nippers and the BBQ is cancelled this week!

There are blue bottles on the beach, water pollution is not acceptable, combined with the wind and rain - we have decided to cancel for safety’s sake. Sorry for the late notice.

Yes - Nippers is still on!

04 Nov 2023

It takes more than a little rain to keep us away.  

Nippers is still on!  We may modify activities depending on water quality. But we still want to see you on the beach.

Surf's up - First day fun!

29 Oct 2023

What a day! If today was any indication, our Nippers season is going to be smoother than a Bondi surfer's hairdo. The sun was shining, the waves were waving, and the kids? Well, they were bouncing off the walls with excitement!

Before we dive into the details, we'd like to extend a colossal thank you to our amazing sponsors: Auscap, North Shore BMW and The Buena. You're the wind beneath our paddle boards, and we're stoked to have your support.

Thanks to our amazing parent volunteers
Speaking of support, today marks the end of an era as Annie hangs up her surf cap as the head of Balmoral Nippers Crew. Annie, we can't find the words to thank you enough for your dedication and energy. You've been the captain of our Nippers ship, and we'll miss your guiding waves.

But as one sun sets, another rises, and we're thrilled to welcome Will as our new Nippers Crew Captain. Will, we hope you're ready for a wave of enthusiasm and a sea of smiling faces.

Our extended Nippers Crew wouldn't be possible without our tight-knit parent community. From sunscreen application to whistle-blowing, you're the backbone of our surf-tastic adventures. So, we thank you for your energy today and we hope these leaders have inspired some - or all - of you to step up to volunteer. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can help!

Our favourite Buena sausage sizzle will be on again soon and we need your help...
Now, here's a little shoutout to all you fantastic parents. The Buena is generously sponsoring our BBQ again, and we need your help to make it sizzle. So, if you're handy with tongs or just love the aroma of sizzling sausages, please sign up to volunteer. It's going to be a flipping good time!

Fun police alert
Without being too much of a mood kill, we need to remind you that if things are a bit wobbly and you need to have an interaction with one of the volunteer green crew, please bear in mind they're giving their time so your can have fun on the beach.

We also gently remind you not to drag the new shiny boards, so that we can make sure they live a loooooonnnnnngggg and happy life at the beach club. Aren't they beautiful?! This may be the last time they ever look so shiny.

Champs was a crowd favourite
It was an impressive turn out at Champs today. Big gold stars for all the kids, especially the kids who don't love running but gave it a go anyway. It's all about trying new things, staying safe at the beach and having fun with your friends! For our newbies joining us for the first time this year, you can find out more about Champs here. Special shout out to Alex for your Bronzies leadership, which was nothing short of inspiring today. 

So, in the spirit of Champs and catching the perfect wave, let's ride this season together! Keep an eye out for updates, events, and more fun than a seagull in a chip shop.

Stay salty, stay sunny, and see you on the sand next week!

Surf's up,

Your devoted Nippers Crew

PS. the 6s are on set up and pack down next week. The timetable shows which age group is on set up and pack away each week