Nippers will not be taking place this Sunday, 23rd January.

18 Jan 2022

Unfortunately, due to the current situation worsening we regret that we've taken the decision to postpone the start and hence this Sunday's (23rd Jan) session will not go ahead.

We are seeking detailed guidance from NSW Health, specific to our circumstances, and we hope to start the following Sunday, on 30th January instead.

(The Bronzies group will be on due to being in far smaller numbers and are ~80% vaccinated. Please look out for details in your inbox from the Bronzie manager Stephen.)


Season due to start on Sun 23rd Jan

01 Jan 2022

Season due to start on Sun 23rd Jan.

Clothing orders will be dispatched from 17 Jan

Enrolment finalised

03 Nov 2021

The ballot has completed its final round and enrolment has finalised.
If you have been unlucky this season, we are truly sorry, however it is difficult to get in due to the popularity.
This link explains more, including how the ballot operates fairly


The first ballot round has commenced

01 Nov 2021

We have calculated how many available places we have, and offered these in the first ballot round.

These will be reserved for 24 hours, then revoked and offered to others.

We normally go through three rounds before all are complete


The enrolment window is closed, the ballot for new applications will now start

30 Oct 2021

The enrolment period for the 2021-22 season has closed.

We will now commence ballot activities, offering available places to new families. This can take two weeks before we allocate all (ie. if a family does not take up a place, we offer to another).