Welcome to the 2019-20 Season

25 Aug 2019

Thank you for enrolling in the 2019-20 Nippers Season.  The numbers are all finalised, the kit is ordered and the weather is on its way!

We have some exciting new changes to the programme this year, as well as two great new sponsors.

Please take a look at the short video below to get you in the mood, what dates to look out for and an introduction from our new main sponsor.

Welcome Video

And if videos aren't your thing: 

  • We're delighted to welcome back two existing sponsors this season; BMW and The Buena. In addition we have two new sponsors; OrangeTheory and our new, main sponsor that you're going to see as a big part of our community, Auscap.
  • The kit is being manufactured now and is expected to be delivered direct to your door in the first weeks of October. However, if something's not right we have a kit swap day on 20 October where we will fix any problems.
  • And when does the season start? 27 October.

If you have any questions, just ask.

See you on the beach!


The enrolment period has completed

14 Aug 2019

We have now exhausted the first, second and third ballot process and all places have been allocated.

Everyone who enrolled should have now received a mail advising if they have been successful or unsuccessful.


We are truly sorry if you're one of the unlucky ones, however the Nippers program is heavily oversubscribed and places are limited for health and safety reasons, as well as due to reasonable limits imposed by Mosman Council.

Should you have any queries, please email us at admin@balmoralnippers.com


Managing the ballot

05 Aug 2019

The enrolment window was open between 21 April and 04 August. 

  • We have 700 places available (a figure set by the council, determined by the size of the beach)
  • We received 1,200 enrolment applications
  • 555 of those applications were previous participants so were automatically re-enrolled.

Therefore we have 145 places available for 645 new applicants. 

However, there is a fair amount of complexity in being able to allocate a place. We have 14 age / gender groups (ie. 6 boys, 9 girls). Places become available when a previous participant does not re-enrol. So if, for example, a family application is for a 6 boy and a 9 girl, that combination has to be available for the application to be considered for allocation. With the groups and the amount of children on an application, this means there are 38,000 permutations.. although in reality we have around 300!

This year almost all the 5 boys and 6 boys re-enrolled. Which is a great news story, but this was also the groups that has the most new applicants (60) which sadly could not be absorbed. The 4s are new each year, but a sibling being a previous participant guarantees re-entry and how many of these there are varies wildly year to year (the answer in this group was 19, out of a possible 80).

The below shows what places were available, and where.

We have put a huge amount of collective effort in over the years to make the ballot as fair as it can be, but the basic problem still remains that we have more applicants than we have places. 

The ballot process will be completed and closed out on 14th August, a date when everyone will have received an email confirming if they have been successfully enrolled or not.

We have a firm line on not accepting enrolment applications after the window has closed. Managing the enrolment and ballot process takes up a considerable amount of time and if we were to accept applications after the cut off, we would be dealing with a moving target and it would be even more difficult and time consuming. (Balmoral Nippers is run wholly by volunteers). 

For those that are unsuccessful in joining this year; we are truly sorry, and hope this explanation helps you understand the challenge faced.


Balmoral Nippers Crew

Email : admin@balmoralnippers.com

Telephone : Please do not call the Balmoral Beach Club as they are separate to Nippers and cannot assist. We don’t issue a phone number as the administration is controlled by volunteers who have day jobs. Please email and one of the crew will come back to you (normally within 24 hours)




The enrolment window is now closed

04 Aug 2019

We have closed off enrolment and are now starting the ballot process. We will complete this on Wednesday 14th August.

Families will be advised if they have been successful or not by then.

The enrolment window is now open

21 Jul 2019

The window to enrol for the 2019-20 season is now open. It will close on Saturday 3rd August

Please log in to the site and follow the links to enrol.


Prior participants and BBC members have guaranteed entry.

New participants will be entered into a ballot, drawn on 11 August (with results advised by email shortly after). The window closes on Sunday 4th August. There is no preference to those who enrol earlier in the window!

Should you have any difficulty, please email at admin@balmoralnippers.com