New phone, who dis ?

01 Jul 2020

Remember us? 

You know, that fun thing we used to do on the beach? Sunday mornings, pink rashies, nowhere to park, poor air quality, poor water quality, a vague awareness of a flu in China, your children moaning that they didn't want to do Nippers and whyyyy do they have to go?


Yes, yes you remember - before the time when they spent hours watching videos of other children playing games - not even playing the game themselves - as you shake your head saying 'but Netflix has got 4,000 titles and you choose to watch this junk', thinking you just don't understand the world any more. And then there's TikTok - these things only run for 15 seconds and somehow this is addictive.. except they have to be 13 years old to use the platform so they're always nicking your phone to do so (only that dog pretending to sing they showed you was quite funny, as was that guy who fell off a canoe, and then there was the one where... <one hour later>...)

Nippers 2020-21

So, why am I writing.. well as we're approaching normal Nippers enrolment time a few of you have been emailing to ask where we are and what's going to happen this season.

Well, after many meetings and an odd bottle of wine, we have decided that we will position ourselves for running a normal season.

The general feeling is that the trajectory is heading towards running an 'almost normal' program this summer, but of course looking at what VIC's done, this does require some element of hope. Personally I reckon it's because they're so progressive, intelligent, and well.. as they like to remind us.. a little better than us - where as us Sydneysiders just do what we're told and enjoy our better beaches!

On a more serious note, there are many other Nippers groups around the state and we'll be aligned with them. The decision making will basically be from state government, local government, and the Beach Club. We might be Mosmanites, but this is no time to be radical - we want to get back out there AND remain as safe as we can!


Enrolment window

As for the enrolment window, I have shifted it from July to August, but don't worry about missing it..

  • I will tell you before it opens
  • I will tell you once it is open
  • I will tell you if the data suggests you meant to enrol but haven't yet
  • I will tell you just before it closes.

(You can find more about the enrolment window here)


Well done all you lovely people for being so sensible and doing what you're told, keeping it up will get us back on the beach soon.. even if we're confined to NSW! 





So... about the 20/21 season

01 Jun 2020

Normally at this stage we would be reminding you to ensure you're ready for the enrolment window next month, however this year is somewhat different.

The simple timetable is enrolment in July and season start in October (with lots behind the scenes activities in between). So ideally we would want to know now what the situation will be in October and all the way through to March.. but that's not going to happen.

We have a number of ideas that we have been mulling over and we'll let you know when we decide. The longer we wait, the clearer our options..

Week 15, Final newsletter

09 Mar 2020

Well that was an interesting season - according to 'the oldies' we've never experienced such weather challenges before. We were *so* lucky with the weather on Sunday. At 6am it was torrential rain and at 7am we had some apps saying it would clear, some saying it would get worse.. but in the end simply looking at the weather over the heads and having a guess yielded an accurate result and we're so glad we made the right decision!


So, we hope you had fun!  You certainly seemed to; registration analysis shows that attendance was 10% better across the board than where it normally sits.. so clearly the wonderful Age Managers are as appreciated by you as they are by us! And we are very glad to hear that - we Green Crew are a *very* small team this year and have put a lot of effort in to not drop any balls. The new structure I've put in place and recruitment campaign I've been on has been very effective ensuring that next season will be less pressurised for all of us!


 Talking of dropping balls, the weather complexities led to a strange situation where we didn't get the Bronzie Year 2 completely right on Sunday and we feel awful to hear that some children were disappointed. We are very sorry for this, and will be reaching out to those affected to make it right (with help (again) from our very generous friends at The Buena).


All Abilities program

We have spoken with a couple of parents whose children would benefit from a program of a different pace and consideration. This has led to a trial a few weeks ago and we have agreed to add this into our offering. 

We are determining the details (in terms of time, format, numbers, logistics, insurance) and will be in touch next month with more. It will be between 10am and 10:45. If you feel this may present a benefit for your child (who may not be in Nippers at the moment, but a sibling is) and want to know more know please get in touch at any time.



Peter Mac award

Another shout out to Charlie Gassman for winning the Peter Mac award for the Spirit of Nippers.

Charlie has exactly the attitude that we love on the beach; enthusiasm, tenacity and effort. Always here with a huge smile, the right attitude, friends to everyone and loves being in Nippers! Well done Charlie!



Feedback survey

If you have a minute, I'd be grateful if you'd give me an indication as to how well we did on a little survey I've put up. Doesn't need a sign in, can be anonymous, you can leave comments and I appreciate the bad feedback as much as the good! Link here

And yes, you can leave comments on my Comms - always tricky to know if my jokes are well received or not. And my pictures. My new waterproof phone is very good.. but I'm particularly happy that I didn't drop it in the sea! 



Enrolment for next season

If you want to join us again in October, you need to enrol between 20 July and 30 July. We will email you (before, and during the window!), and clicking below will put a reminder in your calendar:

As a prior participant a family gets guaranteed re-enrolment.. unlike ~700 last year who were turned away as we were full [click]. (Yes, read that again, seven hundred!). Oh and try not to use a work email - eventually you will change job and forget that this is your route to a reminder. Happens too often :(



Balmoral Swim for Cancer 
Sunday 05 April

The water will still be warm, the sun will be shining, the band will be playing and everyone will have happy faces!

They have races suitable for all levels of (child to adult) ability, including relays. Bronzies are highly encouraged to enter. All Nippers, Bronzies and age managers helping their Nipper are to wear Nippers gear. It's a load of fun, we will have a tent up and we hope to see you there. 


Stephen will have more details to follow regarding the teams and how Nippers wants to encourage you more! 

Website for enrolment here


What do I do with these? 

Throw them out. Next year you'll get new coloured ones, and will be allocated a different number. If these are hanging round your swimmers basket you're going to get confused! 
And talking of which, I'm updating the software so next year I'll be able to tell you 'write Bobby 857 on the blue cap and Kate 623 on the red cap' as so many of you wrote the wrong name and wrong number on the wrong colour cap.. as if having more than one kid isn't difficult enough! :)

What were the final Champs scores?

I'll leave the table up for a few more months (and will reset it at some point in June).




I'm going to miss my age manager

I know, I know, we're *all* going to miss our age managers.. but they have to have a rest and recovery, and we're just going to have to cope. The sponsors are going to feed them enough beer on Friday to keep them going until we meet again in October.. so they'll be okay and the rest of us will just have to be brave and push through!


Final thought

Our small team of volunteers really do care that you and your children have had a great season, thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.. and appreciate how amazingly lucky we all are! 

As Andy Bernard once said “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”..





We are on today, 08 March

08 Mar 2020

The rain has cleared on the beach and we're running the final session and awards today (Sunday 08 March)

Week 14

01 Mar 2020


An amazing effort all season, followed by some amazing extra pushes...and not only that, have you seen the champs leaderboard? So tight that in the 10s and 11s we have a tie between Hugo and Sebastian!

And this is a wonderful image - 11 boys in the iron kid champ finishing arm in arm. Jake Ingle on the left and Jack Walton on the right. Says it all..


 We're just completing an audit of all the championship results in preparation for awards next week, including ensuring participants were in all of that days' Nippers activities. Where we find something that appears to be astray we will contact the parents directly. 

Beach conditions

So the weather was back to normal, the sea was 'almost' back to normal and so was the sand.. sadly as much as we can control we can't make the beach perfect all the time.


We were aware of some debris washed ashore around the 5s and 6s area. This is rare, but happens as there's minimal wash at that enclosed area of the beach, so things can be deposited and not carried away as quickly as with the other areas. We loved seeing the Nippers spirit in the 5s and 6s doing a sweep and clearing some of this debris into the bin.

Do you like Nippers but favour NOT being dragged in to get wet AND like drinking drinking coffee whilst talking about MAFS?


Well, I'm not sure about the MAFS bit, but I might have something you're interested in.. 

As you know, I've been on a mission to recruit more people into the organising crew next year. I have had considerable success however still have one outstanding.. someone to join the tent crew.

The tent crew sit as part of a team that only have something to do only during the Sunday sessions, and fit into the picture like this:


This vacancy is to join a team of four.. we don't regularly need four, normally only two so the duties are light but we like to have more to ensure we spread the knowledge and can cater for when someone is away.  

The current crew are the friendliest ever, are very Nippers knowledgable, helpful and always turn a weekend task into fun.


If you can help, I would be delighted if you could reply back so I could stop feeling guilty bugging you.. and if you do, you and your partner will be warmly invited to the age managers and crew end of season party.

Sausage Sizzle

A HUGE thank you again to The Buena for hosting their sausage sizzle..
 and for the volunteers for helping us serve..
We received feedback about a lack of vegetarian option and we'll speak to them to see if we can work something out. The other area of feedback was the size of the queues.. which again we'll look at how we can make churning through faster.

Balmoral Swim

You may have noticed 'Blockie' (the CCI green Mascot) walking around, this was to promote the Balmoral Swim, supporting the Children's Cancer Institute.
This fantastic, fun filled event has items for everyone (ie. for kids, adults, competitive swimmers and teams) and happens on Sunday 05 April (.. do I need to say at Balmoral Beach? I mean.. where-else would Balmoral Swim be?!  Anyway...) and you can find all the details right here

Balmoral Beach Club membership

If you are interested in joining the Balmoral Beach Club, please visit their site here
Remember Alex?  As a member, he will commit your face to memory.. and will let you right in.. so no more of the hand! :)

Next week is our final session

I know, I know, you're sad that you won't be getting my ramblings to look forward to each week, BUT you will be able to get a lie in on Sundays - and who doesn't want that!?
In this final session we have a reduced format of Swim / run / flag (but no boards) and at between 9:35 and 9:40, you'll be directed over to the area in front of the Beach Club where I will make all of you sit in silence until someone puts their hand up to join the tent team..
 .. and then we will have a few short speeches and awards! 
We know from last year you guys feel it went on a bit long. There are two areas of this that we can address and hence will be faster this year, but the awards ceremony is a big big deal for the kids who get it, so please show your support.

That's it for this newsletter, I hope you have a great week!