Balmoral Nippers is a not-for-profit community programme operated by parents and guardians and organised by volunteers.

As Nippers grow older and exit the program, so do their volunteer parents, and we have some vacancies that we need to fill.


The idea is that we share responsibilities within small teams, rather than individuals, and spread the tasks to reduce an individual's work load as much as possible. 

Teams run self-sufficiently with at least three in a team to ensure people have support each other. (We also have an ‘Oversight Crew’ where more experienced crew members can help with unusual decisions or requests.)

Below are details on the teams and what tasks they're accountable for.

There are 35 positions in all (however some people may be in multiple positions), yet this is to manage ~2,000 on the beach involved in nippers, so ~60:1 is about right. 

We acknowledge that some volunteers wish to / are only able to help outside the actual beach session, whereas others wish to help during the session on the beach itself. In light of this the teams have been divided into ‘Off The Beach for tasks that can be done outside the Sunday sessions, and ‘On The Beach for tasks during the Sunday session.

Some of these tasks are quite light and take place in just a few hours before the season, where some are more hands on and regular.

Team details are below. To see what vacancies we have at the moment and for you to volunteer for them, please click here



1. Supplier management

Accountable for

  • Management of sponsors
  • Arranging and organising of events (presentation day, BBQs)
  • Arranging and contact point for First aid and Lifeguard services
  • Purchase of equipment (boards), clothing, awards
  • Kit audit
  • Purchase of training services (swimming, boards, first aid)
  • Organisation of the pre-season kit swap day
  • (If necessary) organisation of any sponsor-swap kit
  • Organisation of extra board session in Jan

This is run by three people

Skills: Organised and diligent.
Time commitment: low, mostly pre-season


2. Member management

Accountable for

  • Enrolment, including ballot
  • Website, including updates and maintenance
  • Communications. Including newsletters, email and website news
  • Social media. Publication, management
  • Feedback survey

This is run by three people

Skills: Reasonably IT savvy (Umbraco), experience of working with IT outsourcers, familiarity with content management system, reasonable use of Excel, good communicator, articulate, awareness of maintaining appropriate brand image, familiarity with Google forms, and office suite.
Time commitment: medium, but high during enrolment and ballot period


3. Administration

Accountable for

  • BBC Club liaison
  • Confirmation of dates
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Meeting chair and minutes
  • Legal
  • Contact point for safety enquiries
  • Mosman Council interface (ie. beach conditions, permissions, queries)

This is run by three people

Skills: Articulate and diligent
Time commitment: low


4. Age Manager management

Accountable for 

  • Securing age managers pre-season
  • Determining the A/B lists (comparing previous years and ensuring AMs agree)
  • Obtaining WorkingWithChildrenCheck details
  • Generating and printing of the registration name sheets
  • Generating and printing of rotation sheets
  • Organising pre-season training session
  • Obtaining end of season award names, and validation of eligibility. 
  • Regular communications through the dedicated email address.

This is run by three people

Skills: Must be an age manager. Organised and friendly. Comfortable around Excel (ie. VLOOKUPs and creation of sheets). 
Time commitment: low


5. Events

Accountable for arranging:

  • Start of season drinks
  • Christmas admin dinner
  • BBQs (agreeing times, co-ordinating, obtaining volunteers, running)
  • Carnival (determining the plan and communicating)
  • Presentation day (organisation pre-day and running on the day)
  • End of season function

This is run by three people

Skills: Organised
Time commitment: medium when there's something to organise, otherwise 'none' 


6. Oversight

Accountable for 

  • Ensuring each task is owned by a team
  • Ensuring the teams are functioning and working together
  • Dealing with escalations
  • Answering queries from the teams
  • Implementing improvements

There are three people in this group.

Skills: experience of Nippers operation
Time commitment: low



7. Shed

Accountable for

  • Unpacking the shed at 7 am, ready for 8am groups
  • Packing the shed at the end of the session
  • Inventory of shed equipment

This is run by two parent / child teams (ie. four people)

Skills: Able to carry boards and pack tightly. Good at Tetris
Time commitment: Medium, every Sunday from 7am


8. Bronzies

Accountable for

  • Owning the relationship with the trainer
  • Ensuring Bronzies set up correctly at the beginning of a session
  • Program management (enquiries, decisions)
  • Communication to parents

This is run by three people

Skills: Understands the Bronzie program. Helpful, friendly and organised. 
Time commitment: Medium, function needed each Sunday


9. Champs

Accountable for

  • Registration
  • Beach layout
  • Scoring
  • Data entry

This is run by five people, all of whom will have children in the Champs program 

Skills: Must have a child in the champs, understand champs, is organised and has good attention to detail
Time commitment: Medium, function needed each Sunday


10. Tent

Accountable for

  • Managing the age manager packs (incl. Nippers of the week certificates)
  • Answering general queries
  • Kit sales
  • Lost property
  • Lost children
  • First aid / emergency contact point

This is run by four people (often only two are needed)

Skills: Good understanding of Nippers in general. Friendly and helpful.
Time commitment: Medium, function needed each Sunday


11. All Abilities

Accountable for

  • Detailing the All Abilities program
  • Answering queries
  • Arranging logistical elements (choosing area of the beach, equipment, helpers)
  • Ensuring safety needs are met
  • Operating the program

This is run by three people

Skills: Must have a child in the program, understand program and is experienced in necessary areas.
Time commitment: Medium, function needed each Sunday 


We provide all training and ensure you're not left high and dry! 

To see what vacancies we have at the moment or volunteer for them, please fill click here