Simple answer

The program is oversubscribed and it basically comes down to luck.


Detailed answer

(The below figures come from the 2019-20 season enrolment)

1. Numbers

  • We had 3,500 people registered as interested
  • 1,200 of those enrolled during the enrolment window
  • Mosman council allow us 700 children on the beach (due to safety, driven by the size of the beach)
  • 555 were automatically allocated a place due to prior participation
  • 145 places were available for allocation
  • 645 were applying for those places
  • 500 children were turned away.

(However 268 asked to come in after the enrolment window closed, so actually there were 768 children who were not successful.)


2. Availability

 This is how the 145 available places were spread over the groups:


(ie. we had two places for 7 Girls, and three places for 7 Boys)

The reason why there are so few places are available from the 5s up is that previous participants come back and re-enrol for future seasons.

645 applications were received for these places, with around 60 disappointed for the each of groups 5 through 8.


  • The 4s has 80 (two groups of 20 girls, and two of 20 boys), however some are automatically allocated due to having a sibling that has participated before who is in this season (see below) - which is why we had only 64 places this season.
  • We do not take new participants into the Bronzies program, hence they are excluded from the above graphic


3. Allocation to available places

We have a policy of placing the whole family so for an application to be enrolled we need to have an available place for each child.

If everyone had one child in their application this would be easier, however families apply with up to four children and this is where it gets difficult. 

For example:

A family application is for a 6 boy and a 7 girl.

We have a place for a 6 boy, but not the 7 girl hence the application is not successful and neither (including the 6 boy) would get offered a place.

There are 38,000 permutations of this.


Simply, it's an extremely popular program and our capacity is limited by the physical size of the beach.

Note: If you're intending to join for next season you must be aware of the enrolment window - as this is the only time you can enrol (you can register any time and we will email you as the enrolment window is open). Details are here.


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